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Be Your Own Balloon Decorator!

Balloon Decorating Secrets Revealed!!

Former professional balloon decorator is revealing her insider's balloon decorating secrets and techniques so YOU can create your own STUNNING professional-quality balloon decorations and save hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on your wedding!

Just imagine being able to make stunning balloon decorations for weddings, parties, anniversary celebrations, baby showers, bridal showers, or other special events.

What if you could do this for your own wedding...? Can you imagine how incredibly little money it would cost you to create an awesome, magical environment so you can celebrate your wedding day in style?

As we say in the business, "The party doesn't start until the balloons arrive!".

Balloons tell guests that something very special is taking place! Balloon decor can totally transform an otherwise ordinary banquet hall (even an ugly one!) into an elegant and lavish magical fantasy environment.

For many years I was a professional balloon decorator and ran a very successful balloon decorating business. I've now moved on from my balloon business business so I can spend more time with my family and have some time to travel.

I've decided to reveal my secrets of balloon decorating in Balloon Decor Secrets, an easy to follow step-by-step guide book on balloon decor anyone can use to create their own balloon decor and save an absolute fortune on decor for their wedding or event. Yes, you can make balloon decorations that look like they were done by a highly paid pro!

With Balloon Decor Secrets you'll be able to create stunning balloon columns, balloon arches, clusters, clouds, canopies, swags, garlands, arbors - and so much more.

Decorating with balloons is not difficult when you have my insider's secrets and balloon decorating instructions. I've actually simplified many of the techniques so you get the same professional look, but with minimal effort so that any inexperienced novice can do it. You don't need to take expensive balloon decor classes or courses to do it!

Can you envision yourself in your exquisitely decorated wedding venue? Just imagine how wonderful you'll feel (and how fabulous you'll look) when you're surrounded by such a stunning environment on your wedding day. Imagine how your guests will react... can't you just see the looks on their faces as they enter your exquisitely decorated reception room, filled with balloon decor that they'll think you had professionally done. You'll make an unforgettable impression.

You'll be amazed how easy it is with my simple to follow step-by-step balloon decorating instructions and all of the secret balloon decorating techniques I reveal exclusively in Balloon Decor Secrets.

Your guests will be blown away by your gorgeous wedding decor. You'll be able to create an environment that looks like a fantasy land - just like the balloon wedding decorations you've seen done by the pros.  I'm going to tell you exactly how they do it.

It's way easier that most people think - you just need to know the techniques and secrets. And I've simplified the methods to make them extremely do-able for you.

If you want your wedding, party or event to have WOW Factor, but you don't intend to pay a small fortune to make it happen, you need this book on balloon decor.

You'll never get over how little it will cost to have truly stunning balloon decor when you know how to do it yourself. We're talking c-h-e-a-p!  But it sure won't look that way...!

Give Your Next Party or Event the WOW Factor!

After I got out of the balloon business, everyone I knew who was getting married or planning an event started asking me if I would teach them my balloon decorating techniques and secrets so that they could do their own balloon decor and wedding decorating.

Balloon Decorations

Balloon Arches - Balloon Decorations

Balloon Decorations - Balloon Heart

Helium Balloon Arch and Balloon Heart

Balloon Decor
We strongly advise using Qualatex® brand balloons.

People who were planning parties, baby showers or bridal showers, fundraisers and other events wanted to know my balloon decorating secrets too!

Let's face it, weddings are pricey!  Am I right?

Everyone deserves to have a gorgeous, magical wedding, but not everyone can afford the price tag. After getting so many requests from people who wanted me to teach them the techniques and secrets of balloon decorating, I decided to explain it all in a quick and easy step-by-step balloon decor book so that anyone can do their own balloon decor and save a huge bundle of hard-earned cash.

The truth about balloon decorating is that, as awesome as it looks, it's actually very easy to do when you understand the basic techniques. And don't worry - the techniques are not hard to learn, once the steps are explained to you. My book on balloon decor lays it all out, simply and easily. In fact, I've simplified the techniques to make them totally easy for anyone to do, while still get the same professional look. Plus, I don't stuff the book with a lot of fluff and filler, we get straight down to it so you can get through the guide fast without having a lot of your valuable time wasted. I keep it short and simple so you can get busy decorating - fast.

Balloon decorating
Photo Courtesy of Qualatex®. We strongly advise using Qualatex® brand balloons to ensure the quality of your designs.


Here's a piece of INSIDER INFORMATION you should know: 

A professional balloon decorator or balloon decorating company usually charges a whopping 5 to 8 times the actual cost of the supplies -- so you do the math!

What you're paying for is their know-how, expertise and time. And of course, their profit margin. They're in business, they don't do balloon decorating for recreation, so they've got to make money. That's understandable, and they deserve to be paid well for their time, effort and skill. I was a balloon decorator for many years, and believe me, my time and expertise was well worth what my customers paid me, as is the case for all the other skilled professional balloon decorators in the business. But by doing your own balloon decor, as you can see, you'll save a TON of cash on the cost of decorations for your wedding, party or event! You'll get the look of a big-budget affair for literally fractions of what it would normally cost.

Balloons themselves don't cost a lot of money. In fact, balloons are cheap! Yes, even top quality balloons, like the Qualatex®. brand, which every professional balloon decorator uses, and which I highly recommend that you use for best results as well. With the help of Balloon Decor Secrets, all you'll pay to create awesome balloon decor which is nothing short of magical will be the small cost of the balloons (and any other supplies you decide to use - for instance, ribbon, tulle, etc.) and the cost of this very inexpensive guide. That's it.

Balloon Decor Secrets can literally save you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. It will slash your wedding costs and stretch your budget. It will give a lavishly decorated wedding without paying the price that normally goes with it.

Your wedding will have that big budget look, without the cost.

And, of course, it can be used to create fabulous balloon decor for any event or party, not just weddings.

Let your guests think you spent a fortune! No one needs to know how little you paid. Or, if you prefer, go ahead and let them know you did it all yourself! Impress them with your talent and creativity. They'll be amazed, and you'll be admired.

wedding balloon decorBalloon DecoratingBalloon Decor
Photos Courtesy of Qualatex®. We strongly advise using Qualatex® brand balloons to ensure the quality of your designs.

In Balloon Decor Secrets, You'll Quickly Discover,
In Very Simple Steps, How to Make Your Own Gorgeous:

  • Balloon Arches

  • Balloon Pillars

  • Balloon Clouds

  • Balloon Numbers and Letters

  • Balloon Canopies

  • Balloon Centerpieces

  • Balloon Hearts

  • Balloon Swags

  • Balloon Garlands

  • Balloon Trees

  • Balloon Clusters

  • Balloon Bouquets

  • Double Bubble Balloons (A balloon inside a balloon)

  • Balloon Stuffing

  • Special Effects

  • And More!

We strongly advise using Qualatex® brand balloons to ensure the quality of your designs.


I'll share other valuable trade secrets like how to do special effects, my tricks of the trade, how to avoid helium disasters (yes, they can happen if you don't know what you are doing!), and so much more. I've taken the advanced professional techniques I used for years to create spectacular balloon decorations, but I've broken them down to be a simple as possible, so literally anyone can do this.

You'll be blown away by how EASY it is to make fabulous balloon decorations and to decorate your wedding (or your next big party or special event) with balloons yourself. Instead of it costing your a small fortune for a lavishly decorated wedding, you'll pay next to nothing - just the cost of your supplies and the small price of this very inexpensive guide!

Your guests will never guess you did it all yourself (unless you decide to tell them), and they'll never imagine how little you paid to create that awesome fantasy environment!

If you 'd like to be your own balloon decorator and save a PILE of money doing your own wedding decor, order your copy of Balloon Decor Secrets right now (available in e-book format), while supplies last. Just imagine what your wedding could look like when you use the secrets in this book to create an absolute wonderland like you've seen in pictures or at other people's pricey weddings or events.

Order now and you'll have all my balloon decorating secrets within minutes. The ebook is delivered via instant download in PDF format. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read it on your computer. Most computers already have Adobe Acrobat, but if yours doesn't, you can download it free of charge when you download Balloon Decor Secrets. You'll have your copy of Balloon Decor Secrets within minutes of placing your order, via instant download. You can store the book conveniently on your computer, or you can print it to paper if you like. You'll be able to refer to it as many time as you like, whenever you need. And if you have any problems downloading or viewing your ebook, we're here to help! Just contact our friendly support staff and they'll be more than happy to assist you.

Wedding Balloon DecorationsBalloon Decor For Wedding Cake

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We advise using Qualatex® brand balloons for best quality.

When it Comes to Your Wedding, You Only Get One Chance to Get it Right.

Don't Miss Out!   Get Balloon Decor Secrets & Discover How to Have
Stunning Balloon Decor at Mere Fractions of What It Would Usually Cost

Balloon Decoration

Also Ideal For Decorating:

  • Anniversary Parties

  • Dances

  • Proms

  • Fundraisers

  • Birthday Parties

  • Retirement Parties

  • Baby Showers

  • Bridal Showers

  • Any Special Social Event or Occasion

  • Whenever You Want the WOW Factor!

Balloon Centerpieces

Hiring a Professional Balloon Decorating Can Set You Back Hundreds of Dollars or More

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Note:  We strongly recommend using only Qualatex® brand balloons for best results with your Balloon Decorating. Qualatex® has long been the leading brand of balloons used by professional balloon decorators for its superior quality. This really will make a difference in the overall look and quality of your balloon decorations.

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